Ambient air quality monitoring

Our ambient air monitoring group continually analyses the air around us and we provide services for over 40 monitoring stations across New Zealand.

Our testing equipment can be installed on almost any site, capturing samples automatically over a range of parameters. These include Total Suspended Particulates (TSP), PM10 and PM 2.5, which can be measured over a set period of time using a gravimetric sampler, or alternatively, in real time using a beta attenuation monitor (BAM)

Gaseous pollutants can be monitored by real time gas analysers and active samplers. All gas analysers are USEPA approved and comply with the National Environmental Standards (NES). Automatic calibrations are run to check the accuracy of these instruments. Gases such as sulfur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, ozone, hydrogen sulfide and fluoride can be measured.

We also offer a range of passive sampling methods. These screening techniques are used to indicate existing pollutant levels and determine future improvements and project requirements. The samplers are exposed for a set period of time and then returned to our laboratory for analysis.

Meteorological parameters (wind direction, wind speed, temperature, solar radiation and rainfall) can also be measured in real time.

We also provide calibration and maintenance for our customers' equipment, if required, in our own specialist workshop

Where applicable, all of our ambient air monitoring complies with the Australia and New Zealand standard methods and the Ministry for Environment's good practice guide.

Once we've collected the data from our customers' sites, we have state of the art facilities to manage that data. See our Data Management page for more details.

For more detailed information on ambient air monitoring, see our catalogue of services  or contact us

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