Odour monitoring

Our odour laboratory is the only IANZ accredited odour testing facility in the country.

The laboratory is environmentally controlled in order to provide a clean and odourless environment for our experienced odour panellists to undertake olfactometry analysis. We provide offensiveness ratings of odour samples and odour analysis of drinking water samples (threshold odour number analysis). We also undertake flavour threshold analysis and flavour rating analysis on drinking water samples.

Where applicable, the analysis undertaken is in accordance with AS/NZ 4323.3:2001, for which we are IANZ accredited for both sampling and analysis.

To maintain technical competence and ensure standards are maintained, all staff undergo extensive training. With ongoing odour sampling projects being undertaken at treatment plants around New Zealand, we have one of the most experienced and knowledgable teams in the country for odour assessment. This includes work in sample collection, analysis and projects including odour scout monitoring and field olfactometry assessments using a nasal ranger.

We offer the following odour related services:

Sampling of odorous gas emissions from point sources (stacks), from solid surfaces (landfills, earth filters and biofilters) by biofilter hood and from liquid surfaces (ponds, clarifiers) by static flux chamber.
Assessment of odour samples for odour concentration using dynamic olfactometry, including a description of the odour. Watercare is IANZ accredited for this testing.
Assessment of the offensiveness of odour samples.
Assessment of odour in the field using a field scout according to German Method VDI 3940 “Determination of odorants in ambient air by field inspections”.
Assessment of odour in the field using nasal ranger field olfactometry.
Nose calibrations.
Taste and odour of water samples (threshold odour number (TON)).

For more detailed information on odour monitoring, see our catalogue of services  or contact us

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