What We Offer

We offer comprehensive IANZ accredited sample collection services, laboratory testing and air quality monitoring services across New Zealand. The areas of laboratory testing we cover are microbiological, organic and inorganic chemistry and selective LAS testing. Our testing matrices cover many different sectors of the industry including drinking water, wastewater, contaminated sites, air quality and state of environment monitoring. We have customers from all corners of industry, local government and consultancies.

Our air quality group provides IANZ accredited air quality monitoring and testing to arrange of customers including councils, government agencies and private companies. We offer monitoring in the areas of ambient air quality, stack emissions and odour. We have the only IANZ accredited odour laboratory in New Zealand.

Our laboratories offer a five day turnaround service should this be required and we endeavour to become a seamless extension of our customers' operations. By operating in this way, we develop a culture of trust and openness. Long-term partnerships form as a result of this approach and some of our customers have used our services for over ten years.


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