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Drinking Water

How do I know what type of water supply I am receiving?  

Your water will either be supplied by a service provider (which is via a mains water system), be groundwater from a bore, surface water from a stream, spring or dam water, or rainwater which is typically collected from a roof.

Is my water safe to drink? 

Mains water supplies are regularly tested by the water supplier. If you are on your own water supply, you may want to have regular tests carried out. Contact us for testing options.

I am on mains water and have an issue with my water quality, who do I contact? 

Your first contact should be your water supplier as you may not be the only one experiencing the issue. You can, however, carry out your own independent testing on your tap supply. Contact us for testing options available. 

What is the process to get my water tested? 

Once you have contacted us and the appropriate test(s) have been determined, our team will supply you with a sampling kit. You will then need to fill the bottles and return them to our laboratory within 24 hours of taking the sample along with the required paperwork. Once testing is complete, your report will be issued along with an invoice for the work carried out.  

How do I take a sample for drinking water testing? 

When you request a quotation or order bottles, instructions on how to sample your drinking water correctly will be provided. 

What do the results mean? 

The New Zealand drinking water standards outlines our current standards for drinking water. Our reports are designed to display your result next to the maximum acceptable value or guideline value (where applicable). You will be able to see if any of your results are outside or above these set limits. If your results are outside the limits, you may require further tests. 

Who do I contact about water treatment options? 

There are multiple companies throughout the country that specialise in water treatment products. Please contact us for information.