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Why should I test stormwater?

Your business may have a consent that requires you to monitor the quality of stormwater running off your premises. The consent will likely outline the testing required and be issued by the council who are responsible for the stormwater network. Check with your local council if you’re unsure of your obligations.

How do I collect a sample for stormwater testing?

Our laboratory team will provide the appropriate sampling bottles for collection. If the bottle does not contain a preservative, rinse the bottle with a small amount of the sample. Tip the rinse water out and collect a sample that is representative of the flow. Do not overfill the bottles. If you require further assistance with sampling please get in touch with our team.

Where do I collect the sample from?

The sample should be taken from the location determined in your consent. If you are unsure of that location, please get in touch with your local council.