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What do I need to test for in my wastewater? 

There are basic wastewater characteristics that you can test for which fall into one of three categories: physical, chemical, or biological. Common tests carried out are biochemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids, chemical oxygen demand, and total organic carbon.

If you have a particular issue that needs addressing, please contact us. If you are trying to meet a consent requirement, please check with your consent conditions as it should outline what needs to be tested.

Do I need to test my septic tank water if it is discharging into the environment? 

There may be a consent condition that requires you to test your discharging wastewater if it flows into the environment. Please check with your local authority.

I have a leak and it smells; how do I tell if it is wastewater? 

A key indicator of wastewater leakage is elevated ammonia levels. We can conduct an ammonia test as a screen to determine if wastewater is present. Further tests can be conducted such as E. coli, pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCP) with microbial source tracking to determine if human pollution is the cause of the elevated ammonia levels.