Using an ion chromatograph, our general chemistry department can detect an extended range of anions at low detection limits. Flow analysis instruments also allow the team to offer customers anion testing across both saline and environmental samples.

Scope of test

Nitrate (NO3)

Occurs naturally in soil, excess can be washed into waterways carried by rainwater

Nitrite (NO2

Found in fertilizers, sewage, and mineral deposits

Total oxidized nitrogen

The measurement of nitrite nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen

Chloride (Cl-

Found naturally in water, elevated levels of chloride can indicate sea water intrusion

Fluoride (F-

Found in all-natural water, commonly used to identify a mains water break if water contains dosed fluoride

Sulphate (SO4

Found in minerals, soils, plants, rocks, and food. Elevated levels can give water an unpleasant taste