Drinking water suites

Our laboratory offers a general suite of tests based on your water supply (bore, rain, tank, spring, creek etc.) this includes a mixture of general chemistry, microbiological and metals tests. These suites have been designed to give you an overview of your current water quality.

Scope of test

E. coli

Common microbial indicator for faecal contamination in drinking source

Nitrate & Nitrite

Fertilizers, septic tank soakage and animal urine, can cause health problems


Appearance can be changed by decaying leaf litter, sediment, or vegetation. Can be mineral abundance in groundwater sources


Ability of a water-based solution to carry an electric current. High conductivity

Langelier Index

Indicator for deposition of calcium carbonate. Negative langelier index means the water's under saturated with calcium carbonate and will tend to be corrosive to the system. A positive langelier index means the water is oversaturated with calcium carbonate and will tend to cause calcium carbonate forming scales in the system


Found in geothermal and/or historical mining areas. Can cause health problems


Found in geothermal areas and can cause health problems


Required test to calculate total hardness of water