Using advanced robotics throughout our inorganic testing process ensures our customers get rapid results. Our laboratory team is skilled in inorganics testing and can carry out a range of test for customers - from gravimetric analysis through to nutrient and anion testing. The list below provides an indication of the tests that can be carried out. For details about specific tests, please contact us today.

Scope of test


Determine total nutrient availability


Negatively charged ions


Buffering capacity of water to resist acidification

Biochemical oxygen demand

Also known as BOD, amount of oxygen consumed by bacteria and other organisms

Chemical oxygen demand

Also known as COD, amount of dissolved oxygen that is present that can be consumed by chemical reactions


The green pigment which is found in algae, cyanobacteria, and other plants


Visible colour of a water sample to the human eye


Ability of a water-based solution to carry an electric current