System & Data Integrations

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We pride ourselves on giving customers easy and convenient access to their laboratory test results. Third-party applications put laboratory results at our customers’ fingertips no matter the time of day, and enable them to use their laboratory results in compliance reporting, monitoring, trending, and dashboard tools.

Third party applications

Lutra Infrastructure Data (Lutra ID)

An operations management software for water suppliers. Lutra ID provides operational insights, metrics, and automated compliance reporting via one piece of software.


An online environmental data management software that collects data in the field and manages lab results in one application.

Water Outlook

A one-stop-shop of operational data and reporting for water suppliers. This software provides a cloud-based database for all data needs.

All the above data integrations are unique. We are happy to discuss your requirements which could range from straightforward downloading of results, to pre-logging sample information, and full control of sample schedules through to results.