Data management

Once we have collected our customers’ air quality data, we have cutting edge technology to manage that data. Our data management team has been involved with national and regional monitoring projects since 1998. Senior staff are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. Our data acquisition, management and reporting capabilities are utilised by our customers who require reliable and robust data capture and analysis.

We have a commitment to providing the highest standard of data management, for both accredited and non-accredited methods. Our air quality data management system complies with NZS/ISO/ICE17025 regulations. This provides our customers with assurance of our technical competence. Other relevant data management standards that the department comply with include:

The Ministry for Environment’s (MfE) ‘Good-practice Guide for Air Quality Monitoring and Data Management’
The appropriate Australian/New Zealand standards and US EPA standard monitoring methods. This ensures a consistent approach that is transparent and allows cross comparability of results with other projects, undertaken in a similar manner.

The data management team utilise the Envista Air Resource Manager (ARM) software as our data management and reporting tool. Envista ARM is a Windows client-server application for supervisory control, management and analysis of data from environmental, meteorological and hydrological monitoring networks. Envista ARM provides the ability to view, analyse, report and distribute environmental quality data across the full range of media. It provides comprehensive access to information collected by the CommCenter communication application and stored in an SQL Server database on a Windows server. The SQL database is backed up daily, incorporating a disaster recovery program which is fully supported by Watercare Services Limited Information Systems team.

We deliver data management and reporting for active, passive and continuous (automated) air quality monitoring. We offer a full service for reporting – from a summary report to a fully interpreted report with conclusions depending upon our customers’ requirements.

We check continuous data on every working day in accordance with our Quality System to ensure that maximum valid data capture is achieved and that all instruments maintain optimal performance throughout the monitoring programme. Gaseous data validation includes checks for span drift, zero offset, spurious data points, flat lines and maintenance periods.

For more detailed information on our data management services, see our catalogue of services  or contact us

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