Our IANZ accredited odour laboratory is environmentally controlled to make sure an odourless environment is maintained when our team is carrying out olfactometry analysis.  

We operate the only odour laboratory in New Zealand and can provide our customers with offensiveness ratings for odour samples, and even analyse the odour and flavour rating of drinking water samples.  

We have one of the most experienced and knowledgeable teams in the country for odour assessment. To ensure we maintain that standard, our team undergo regular training.  

What do we test for?

Sampling of odorous gas emissions

From point sources (stacks), from solid surfaces (landfills, earth filters and biofilters) by biofilter hood, and from liquid surfaces (ponds, clarifiers) by static flux chamber 

Assessment: Odour samples

For odour concentration using dynamic olfactometry, including a description of the odour 

Assessment: Offensiveness of odour samples 

Assessment: Odour in the field

Using a field scout 

Assessment: Odour in the field

Using nasal ranger field olfactometry 

Nose calibrations 

Nose calibrations 

Taste/odour of water samples

(threshold odour number)

Related Testing Services

Air purifier on with plants in the windowsill

Ambient Air Quality

Testing ranges from gases to particulates, site assessment and meteorology. It captures samples automatically and provides continuous data and results.

Thick smoke coming out of a industrial flue gas stack

Stack Emissions

Using isokinetic sampling techniques to test TSP, PM10 & PM2.5, metals, fluoride, volatile organic compounds, sulphur and nitrogen compounds.

Mixture of household waste in bags and bins


We are equipped to carry out in-depth olfactometry analysis, offensiveness ratings for samples, and analyse the odour/flavour rating of drinking water.