Ambient Air Quality

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Ambient air monitoring ranges from particulates to gases, site assessment to meteorology. Our ambient air monitoring equipment can be installed on almost any site and captures samples automatically and continuously. Depending on the needs of our customers, we can measure these samples over a set period or in real-time. Particulate matter in the forms of PM10, PM2.5 and Total Suspended Particulates (TSP) can be monitored continuously. Gaseous pollutants like sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrogen fluoride can be measured using real-time gas analysers. 

We also offer passive sampling which is used to identify air pollution issues before moving to a more robust method of monitoring. Our ambient testing meets New Zealand and Australian standards, and the Ministry for the Environment’s good practice guide. We provide a full service for ambient air quality monitoring, from site selection, to installation, operations, maintenance, leasing of equipment and enclosures, data management including technical report writing, and decommissioning of sites. 

What do we test for?

Particulates such as PM10, PM2.5,TSP 

Gases: SO2, NOx, H2S

Other: CO & O3

HF, MeBr 

Passive sampling


Comprehensive data management and reporting