Stack emissions monitoring

Our stack emission monitoring team offers sample collection and analysis from industrial discharge stacks using isokinetic sampling trains. We can test for wide range of parameters, including, but not limited to, Total Suspended Particulates (TSP), PM10 and PM2.5, metals, fluoride, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and sulfur and nitrogen compounds. We operate to the highest standards of quality and health and safety and the monitoring is IANZ accredited.

We can offer our customers a specific package of services tailored to their needs. Alternatively, we can supply a full service which includes scheduling, monitoring, analysis, reporting and interpretive advice.

IANZ accredited methods include:

Sample and velocity traverses from stationary sources.
Stack gas velocity and volumetric flow rates.
Gas analysis for determination of dry molecular weight.
Moisture content in stationary sources.
Particulate emissions from stationary sources.
Sulfuric acid mist and sulfur dioxide emissions from stationary sources.
Sampling of aldehydes and ketones from stationary sources.
Determination of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans from stationary sources.
Determination of hydrogen halides and halogen emissions from stationary sources.
Determination of metal emissions from stationary sources.
Collection and analysis of ammonia from stationary sources.
Determination of PM10 emissions (constant sampling rate procedure).
Measurement of gaseous organic compound emissions (VOCs).

Services provided include:

Site assessment including a health and safety assessment of sampling sites.
Full and comprehensive reporting of results and methodology.
Client liaison and project management and programme design.
Competitive rates and discounted contract rates available
Experienced and dedicated staff with KTP status.

For more detailed information on stack emissions monitoring, see our catalogue of services  or contact us

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