Air Quality Monitoring

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We run one of the largest air quality testing operations and the only IANZ accredited odour laboratory in the country. Ambient Air quality in New Zealand is maintained by State of Environment regulations, which are monitored and controlled by regional councils. Industrial businesses operate under air discharge resource consents related to air quality and any potential pollution their operations may cause to the environment.  We work with a variety of customers – from regional councils to private companies – providing monitoring services for odour, discharge stack emissions, and ambient air. From Northland to Southland, our customers rely on us for continuous and accurate results that meet international standards.

See how our customers rely on us to continually provide them with accurate air quality results.

Related Testing Services

Air purifier on with plants in the windowsill

Ambient Air Quality

Testing ranges from gases to particulates, site assessment and meteorology. It captures samples automatically and provides continuous data and results.

Thick smoke coming out of a industrial flue gas stack

Stack Emissions

Using isokinetic sampling techniques to test TSP, PM10 & PM2.5, metals, fluoride, volatile organic compounds, sulphur and nitrogen compounds.

Mixture of household waste in bags and bins


We are equipped to carry out in-depth olfactometry analysis, offensiveness ratings for samples, and analyse the odour/flavour rating of drinking water.