Drinking Water

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Maintain a healthy water supply with comprehensive water testing

Safe, clean drinking water is essential for good health. When it comes to testing drinking water, we are experienced and trusted in the field. In fact, we test drinking water for more than a third of the population of New Zealand. Our laboratories are registered with Taumata Arowai and internationally accredited, which means our testing is comprehensive and reliable. We have been testing drinking water for more than 50 years, and we pride ourselves on being a New Zealand owned and operated laboratory service testing drinking water for New Zealand. 

We can test drinking water from the following sources: ground, bore, spring, lake, creek, rain, mains network.

Most Common Problems to Know

Water pouring into a glass from a tap

Water cloudiness

Floating pool tablet dispenser in pool

If your water smells of bleach, be wary of excess chlorine

Washing hands in sink

Hands feel slimy after washing with soap and water

Few eggs on a brown cloth

A rotten egg smell means your water could contain hydrogen sulphide

Brownish yellow water coming out of a bathroom sink tap

Yellow, orange, or brown water is never a good sign

Gold fish in a fishbowl with clean water

If your water smells fishy, it could be a sign of barium or cadmium

Slimey green pool water

Water that has green or blue colouring could indicate elevated levels of copper

Water pouring into a tin cup, coming out of an old rusted pipe

A metallic taste could signal the presence of excess iron or copper

Glass kettle with white scaling marks visible in the jug

Scaling could mean your water has elevated levels of minerals